10% US Excise Tax

I propose a 10% US excise tax on the commercial sale of addictive, socially useless, taxpayer financed products. These include: Junk Food, Tobacco, Gambling, Prostitution, and Pornography.

“What Prohibition Proved is there can be no way to stop people from doing what they want to do…” – Jimmy Breslin: Damon Runyon A Life

So, what to do:

1. Take a clear-eyed view and see the problem which are the costs to American taxpayers for the commercial sale of addictive consumer products;

2. Impose a 10% excise tax paid to the US government at the time of sale;

3. Use the funds to offset lost revenue from my American Tax Plan for elimination of the corporate income tax, increased size of estate/gift tax exclusion to $25m per US taxpayer, deductibility of payroll taxes (for workers), and making the first $20,000 in income not subject to US income tax (a tax break for all US taxpayers which tax savings may stimulate the US and State Economies.

Regarding the out of control hard drug problem in the US, legalize and tax Cannabis and use the revenues (earmarked) for drug treatment and rehabilitation, first responders, security for our borders from drug trafficking to counter the overwhelming national surge in death and health trauma from heroin, opioids, cocaine and other hard drugs. Turn security over to private contractors working with US educational institutions and State/Local Governments who will create a national security system including video cameras, databases of felons, and local community based policing to eliminate crime infested local areas.

Use targeted tax credits (20% of amount expended) to promote American business internationally (in export zones), inventions (research and development), infrastructure renovation and improvements for roads, bridges, airports, train stations, hospitals, and schools (including state parks throughout America and inner city gardens both edible and otherwise).

Establish a US Sports & Art Authority with 3 subdivisions : Training programs for Sports with Equipped Gyms nationally (that all Americans can use), Technology (Computer/Internet Training Skills) and Worker Retraining for new careers in technology, Art & Music, Literature & Film.

The geography may best work with a template which includes the following:

1. Federal purchase of State Land. A one mile (or more) area is created for a US Export Zone to include the establishment of a Park/Gym, separate facilities for each of the US Sports & Art Authority (3 separate buildings), a day care center for children (with both an indoor component and outdoors, too). All privafe companies who participate may benefit from the targeted tax credits (which also apply to wages paid in these designated areas)

2. US taxpayer designates that up to 25% of their tax payment be allocated to the US Sports and Authority (by checking the box and putting in the % of their contribution eg. on a $10,000 tax paid ; 25% allocation would be $2500 of the tax earmarked by the taxpayers to be paid directly to fund the national Sports and Arts Authority that receives federal block grants and in turn pays them over to the states under a stated formula;

3. The genius of America is when we all “row together”. The inspirational US template of government, higher education, business, labor and community leaders have created an economic miracle in Silicon Valley, CA. Duplicating it across American seems highly timely now. Exports of US products globally becomes the key metric to go from where exports are now 13% of the US GDP (which means 87% of all US made products are sold in the US) to over 50% of US GDP, which quadruples global sales (which given that the US has only 5% of the World’s population is GOOD MATH). Many jobs are created in the US since the products have to be at least 50% US made or no export tax credit.

4. The most successful Public/Private Partnerships to Finance America and create new inventions is Silicon Valley, CA. The “Silicon Valley” miracle should be considered on a state by state basis where the US government authorizes an annual block grant from funds allocated from the 10% US excise tax to go to states based on two criteria: #1) Population #2) Economic Needs so the economically challenged areas in the US are the priority recipients.
States determine how the block grants are distributed in their states under agreed guidelines.

5. Establish an internet US Best Practices Database in which an on-line community posts a Bulletin Board of Best Practices nationally. For example, which city airport has the best customer check in, on time flight arrival and safety… These types of Best Practices affect all industries so each industry should have its own Page on the National Bulletin Board.

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