Our areas of expertise include: IRS Tax Audits, U.S. and International Investments, International Business Transactions, International Tax Planning and Compliance, Immigration Tax Planning, and Asset Protection.

Gary Wolfe is an internationally published tax expert and author. He has published  114 articles in 15 publications and has written 17 books.

As of March 2017 he has received 29 separate international tax/asset protection/real estate financing awards from 10 different London/UK based global expert societies.

The great, American Revolutionary War, patriot, Virginian orator, Patrick Henry, stirred all Americans with his call to arms: “No taxation without representation.” Although the Wolfe Law Group cannot replicate Patrick’s Henry’s “Tax Planning,” we can offer “reduced taxation with representation” – for all U. S. taxpayers including international investors. Please call or e-mail us with your tax questions.