Illegal, factually untrue information has been disseminated regarding a case involving a former client, Georgiana Hixson. An unpublished, old appeals decision has been unlawfully published on the internet and is factually untrue. Ms. Hixson no longer owns a judgment against me. The judgment was seized under a writ of execution (the writ of execution was entered on the court file 12/12/14 and is available for public view). When Ms. Hixson’s judgment creditor noticed a sheriff’s levy sale on the judgment, Ms. Hixson responded by filing a bankruptcy petition in March 2015.

In Ms. Hixson’s bankruptcy petition she acknowledged she had not filed tax returns for 4 years (and is now subject to investigation by federal tax authorities), her prior judgment against me was seized by her judgment creditor under the writ of execution, and over 20 years after her 1994 divorce, she is now making claims to millions of dollars in community property assets (from her former husband, Harry Hixson, previously the President of Amgen) which I uncovered as her lawyer which she failed to disclose in her testimony at trial.