Since 2004 I have published or been interviewed in 100+ separate articles published by 15 different US and International magazines:

1) American Bar Association/Practical Tax Lawyer

2) Billboard

3) California CEO Magazine

4) California Tax Lawyer

5) Daily Journal

6) EB-5 Investors Magazine

7) Financial Advisor Magazine

8) Forbes

9) Hollywood Reporter


11) Offshore Investment

12) Private Wealth Magazine

13) US Tax & Financial Services

14) Lorman Education Service (See separate listings)

15) Luxury Listings NYC

In addition the Wolfe Law Group 2013 event at the Beverly Hills Country Club was featured in a photo-shoot by CSQ Magazine (see events button)

Article List (latest on top)

40. The Art of Tax Evasion – Luxury Listings NYC (January 2017)

39. Tax Planning Beyond the Grave – The Michael Jackson Case Offshore Investment Magazine (Nov/Dec 2016). Click link to download full article.

38. Tax Planning for Settlement of Sexual Harassment Claims California CEO Magazine (November 2016)

37. IRS Tax Audits: Special Tax Compliance Rules/Foreign Activities California CEO Magazine (November 2016)

36. International Tax Planning: Expatriation California CEO Magazine (November 2016)

35. INVESTIGATION: The Tax Crimes of Diane L. Kroupa and Spouse California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

34. Tax Planning and Sexual Harassment Claims: What You Need To Know California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

33. Tax Evasion: Cayman Islands and US Taxpayers
California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

32. Panama Papers: Paul Manafort and the Ukrainian Connection California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

31. 2016: The Most Notable IRS Criminal Tax Cases
California CEO Magazine (August 2016)

30. The Pasquantino Case: US Money Laundering Law and Foreign Tax Evasion California CEO Magazine (August 2016)

29. Update: Panama Papers Reveals US Taxpayers with Offshore Entities
California CEO Magazine (August 2016)

28. International Investors and California: Roundtripping California CEO Magazine (July 2016)

27. Panama Papers and the US Government
 California CEO Magazine (June 2016)

26. Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 2, Offshore Accounts & Willfulness California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

25. International Investors & California: EB-5 Visas, Taxes (with co-author Mark Ivener, Esq.) California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

24. Billionaires and Off-Shore Trusts: The Wyly Case California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

23. Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 1
California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

22. IRS Believes Michael Jackson’s worth more than $434M; Estate Declared only $2,105; Where Did the Rest Go? (April 2016)

21. Michael Jackson Estate Faces Billion-Dollar Tax Court Battle
Billboard, Hollywood Reporter (April 2016)

20. Tax Evasion and Money Laundering: US Real Estate
California CEO Magazine (April 2016)

19. Tax Evasion and Money Laundering: U.S. Real Estate
US Tax & Financial Services (Feb 2016)

18. Woe The Weak-Willed Celebrity
Private Wealth (July/August 2015)

17. EB-5 Investor Green Cards By Mark Ivener and Gary Wolfe
Offshore Investment (December 2014/January 2015 Edition)

16. EB-5 Investors & the Perils of U.S. Estate and Gift Taxes with Mark Ivener
EB-5 Investors Magazine (Winter/2014 Edition)

15. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – U.S. Tax Planning for Passive Investments (Winter 2013)

14. California Tax Lawyer – Self-Study Article: A Primer on Passive Foreign Investment Companies and Comparison to Controlled Foreign Corporations with Allen Walburn (Fall 2013)

13. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – EB-5 Investor Visa And U.S. Tax Issues with Mark Ivener (Fall 2013)

12. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – U.S. Based Hedge Funds and Offshore Reinsurance with Allen Walburn (Fall 2013)

11. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – International Tax Evasion and Money Laundering (Summer 2013)

10. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – International Tax Planning for U.S. Exports (IC-DISC) with Ryan L Losi (Summer 2013)

9. Private Wealth Magazine – Learning From Gandolfini’s Estate Plan ‘Disaster’ (July 2013)

8. Financial Advisor Magazine – IRS Closes In On Secret Caribbean Accounts (June 2013)

7. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – Why Tax Evasion is a Bad Idea: UBS & Wegelin Bank (Spring 2013)

6. California Tax Lawyer – FBARs and Offshore Hedge Funds (Summer 2009)

5. California Tax Lawyer – Penalty Regime for Foreign Bank Account Filing (FBAR) (Summer 2009)

4. California Tax Lawyer – Update on Offshore Income/Account Enforcement (Summer 2009)

3. California Tax Lawyer – IRS Issues Guidance on Ponzi Schemes (Summer 2009)

2. Daily Journal – Karate Enables Lawyers to Focus on ‘the Task at Hand’ (May 2005)

1. – The Best Tax Haven Getaways (April 2004)