Since 2004 I have published or been interviewed in 150+ separate articles published by 16 different US and International magazines:

1) American Bar Association/Practical Tax Lawyer

2) Billboard

3) California CEO Magazine

4) California Tax Lawyer

5) Daily Journal

6) EB-5 Investors Magazine

7) Financial Advisor Magazine

8) Forbes

9) Hollywood Reporter


11) Offshore Investment

12) Private Wealth Magazine

13) US Tax & Financial Services

14) Lorman Education Service (See separate listings)

15) Luxury Listings NYC

16) (China)

In addition the Wolfe Law Group 2013 event at the Beverly Hills Country Club was featured in a photo-shoot by CSQ Magazine (see events button)

Article List (latest on top)

41. Tax, Finance And Inadmissibility Advice For Immigrants – Forbes (December 2017)

40. The Art of Tax Evasion – Luxury Listings NYC (January 2017)

39. Tax Planning Beyond the Grave – The Michael Jackson Case Offshore Investment Magazine (Nov/Dec 2016). Click link to download full article.

38. Tax Planning for Settlement of Sexual Harassment Claims California CEO Magazine (November 2016)

37. IRS Tax Audits: Special Tax Compliance Rules/Foreign Activities California CEO Magazine (November 2016)

36. International Tax Planning: Expatriation California CEO Magazine (November 2016)

35. INVESTIGATION: The Tax Crimes of Diane L. Kroupa and Spouse California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

34. Tax Planning and Sexual Harassment Claims: What You Need To Know California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

33. Tax Evasion: Cayman Islands and US Taxpayers
California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

32. Panama Papers: Paul Manafort and the Ukrainian Connection California CEO Magazine (September 2016)

31. 2016: The Most Notable IRS Criminal Tax Cases
California CEO Magazine (August 2016)

30. The Pasquantino Case: US Money Laundering Law and Foreign Tax Evasion California CEO Magazine (August 2016)

29. Update: Panama Papers Reveals US Taxpayers with Offshore Entities
California CEO Magazine (August 2016)

28. International Investors and California: Roundtripping California CEO Magazine (July 2016)

27. Panama Papers and the US Government
 California CEO Magazine (June 2016)

26. Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 2, Offshore Accounts & Willfulness California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

25. International Investors & California: EB-5 Visas, Taxes (with co-author Mark Ivener, Esq.) California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

24. Billionaires and Off-Shore Trusts: The Wyly Case California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

23. Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 1
California CEO Magazine (May 2016)

22. IRS Believes Michael Jackson’s worth more than $434M; Estate Declared only $2,105; Where Did the Rest Go? (April 2016)

21. Michael Jackson Estate Faces Billion-Dollar Tax Court Battle
Billboard, Hollywood Reporter (April 2016)

20. Tax Evasion and Money Laundering: US Real Estate
California CEO Magazine (April 2016)

19. Tax Evasion and Money Laundering: U.S. Real Estate
US Tax & Financial Services (Feb 2016)

18. Woe The Weak-Willed Celebrity
Private Wealth (July/August 2015)

17. EB-5 Investor Green Cards By Mark Ivener and Gary Wolfe
Offshore Investment (December 2014/January 2015 Edition)

16. EB-5 Investors & the Perils of U.S. Estate and Gift Taxes with Mark Ivener
EB-5 Investors Magazine (Winter/2014 Edition)

15. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – U.S. Tax Planning for Passive Investments (Winter 2013)

14. California Tax Lawyer – Self-Study Article: A Primer on Passive Foreign Investment Companies and Comparison to Controlled Foreign Corporations with Allen Walburn (Fall 2013)

13. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – EB-5 Investor Visa And U.S. Tax Issues with Mark Ivener (Fall 2013)

12. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – U.S. Based Hedge Funds and Offshore Reinsurance with Allen Walburn (Fall 2013)

11. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – International Tax Evasion and Money Laundering (Summer 2013)

10. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – International Tax Planning for U.S. Exports (IC-DISC) with Ryan L Losi (Summer 2013)

9. Private Wealth Magazine – Learning From Gandolfini’s Estate Plan ‘Disaster’ (July 2013)

8. Financial Advisor Magazine – IRS Closes In On Secret Caribbean Accounts (June 2013)

7. ABA/The Practical Tax Lawyer – Why Tax Evasion is a Bad Idea: UBS & Wegelin Bank (Spring 2013)

6. California Tax Lawyer – FBARs and Offshore Hedge Funds (Summer 2009)

5. California Tax Lawyer – Penalty Regime for Foreign Bank Account Filing (FBAR) (Summer 2009)

4. California Tax Lawyer – Update on Offshore Income/Account Enforcement (Summer 2009)

3. California Tax Lawyer – IRS Issues Guidance on Ponzi Schemes (Summer 2009)

2. Daily Journal – Karate Enables Lawyers to Focus on ‘the Task at Hand’ (May 2005)

1. – The Best Tax Haven Getaways (April 2004)