EB-5InvestmentVisas.US Announces New Website

EB-5InvestmentVisas.us is pleased to announce the launch of its website dedicated to assisting foreign immigrants seeking to immigrate to the United States. For those investors who can afford a minimum investment of $500,000 USD and can prove a legal source of funds they may qualify for an EB-5 investment visa which will generate a green card for both the investor and their immediate family. Our website and the highly skilled professionals (who are affiliated) will seek to provide a cost effective, time efficient approach for international investors to obtain U.S. green cards and will specifically focus on the over 60,000 of displaced international investors, who sought immigration to Canada but whose applications to immigrate into Canada were abruptly cancelled in February 2014.

Managing Director of EB-5InvestmentVisas.us, Norman Sam states, “People who make the important decision to move to another country need to be treated with respect. In recent years the U.S. EB-5 Regional Center program has been fraught with USCIS approval delays and shady promoters. Our stringent due diligence allows us to recommend credible investments that expedites green cards for our clients while providing a secure investment with a favorable return on investment. The U.S. EB-5 visa offers unparalleled value relative to the yet unannounced revised Canadian immigrant investor program. Current speculation is that the revised Canadian immigrant investor program will require an investment of $1.6 million CDN vs. the U.S. EB-5 requirement of $500,000 USD”

For those international investors who seek to immigrate to the United States under an EB-5 visa they must be aware that their U.S. immigration subjects them to U.S. Income, Estate & Gift Taxation, with corresponding tax compliance reporting obligations. In addition for those investors who choose to move to the United States they may consider asset protection planning to safeguard their assets from the proliferation of U.S. lawsuits (e.g. in California 1.1 million lawsuits per year).

For more information on U.S. immigration tax issues please see the recently published ABA/Practical Tax Lawyer (Fall 2013) article by the Wolfe Law Group, “EB-5 Investor Visa And U.S. Tax Issues,” and in EB-5 Investors Magazine (Winter 2014), “EB-5 Investors & the Perils of U.S. Estate and Gift Taxes.

About EB-5InvestmentVisas.us
The EB-5InvestmentVisas.us is part of the Wolfe Law Group, a network of independent attorneys and consultants with different fields of expertise who have joined forces to provide clients with comprehensive advice on an as needed basis. Our areas of expertise include: IRS Tax Audits, U.S. and International Investments, International Business Transactions, International Tax Planning and Compliance, Immigration, Asset Protection, Real Estate Financing, U.S. Litigation and Bankruptcy. For more information please contact Norman Sam, Tel: 877-213-2921, email: norman@eb-5investmentvisas.us


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