Our team of experts include:

Gary S. Wolfe, Esq., Pre-Immigration U.S. Tax Planning, U.S. Estate, Gift & Tax Planning, International Estate Planning & Asset Protection.

Mark Ivener, Esq., Immigration Attorney, EB-5 Expert. Has successfully completed over 100 EB-5 visas. Ivener & Fullmer, mark@usworkvisa.com

Norman Sam 岑 國 賢, International Business Advisory Services
Vancouver, Canada / Hong Kong / Shenzhen, China

Norman Sam’s primary role is to facilitate international investments into the USA by foreign immigrant investors who seek US green cards through the EB-5 Visa program. Based in Vancouver, Canada with affiliates in Hong Kong and mainland China, Norman brings over 25 years of US and Canadian real estate investment, development, and management experience to the team. Aside from real estate and investments, he has founded and co-founded Lunge and True Health, two health and wellness start-ups. Norman holds a Commerce Degree with a major in Finance and a minor in Asian Studies from the University of British Columbia, a Diploma of Technology in Hospitality Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and a Registered Representative’s license from the Canadian Securities Institute. He is a long time student of Yan Xin Life Science and Technology qi gong, and an active volunteer and donor to a variety of philanthropic organizations.

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E-2 Treaty Countries – For additional information regarding E-2 Visas,
please contact Mark Ivener, Esq, mark@usworkvisa.com

Country Specific Footnotes

1. China (Taiwan) – Pursuant to Section 6 of the Taiwan Relations Act, (TRA) Public Law 96-8, 93 Stat, 14, and Executive Order 12143, 44 F.R. 37191, this agreement which was concluded with the Taiwan authorities prior to January 01, 1979, is administered on a nongovernmental basis by the American Institute in Taiwan, a nonprofit District of Columbia corporation, and constitutes neither recognition of the Taiwan authorities nor the continuation of any official relationship with Taiwan.

2. Czech Repubilc and Slovak Republic – The Treaty with the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic entered into force on December 19, 1992; entered into force for the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic as separate states on January 01, 1993.

3. Denmark – The Treaty which entered into force on July 30, 1961, does not apply to Greenland.

4. France – The Treaty which entered into force on December 21, 1960, applies to the departments of Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and Reunion.

5. Japan – The Treaty which entered into force on October 30, 1953, was made applicable to the Bonin Islands on June 26, 1968, and to the Ryukyu Islands on May 15, 1972.

6. Netherlands – The Treaty which entered into force on December 05, 1957, is applicable to Aruba and Netherlands Antilles.

7. Norway – The Treaty which entered into force on September 13, 1932, does not apply to Svalbard (Spitzbergen and certain lesser islands).

8. Spain – The Treaty which entered into force on April 14, 1903, is applicable to all territories.

9. Suriname – The Treaty with the Netherlands which entered into force December 05, 1957, was made applicable to Suriname on February 10, 1963.

10. United Kingdom – The Convention which entered into force on July 03, 1815, applies only to British territory in Europe (the British Isles (except the Republic of Ireland), the Channel Islands and Gibraltar) and to “inhabitants” of such territory. This term, as used in the Convention, means “one who resides actually and permanently in a given place, and has his domicile there.” Also, in order to qualify for treaty trader or treaty investor status under this treaty, the alien must be a national of the United Kingdom. Individuals having the nationality of members of the Commonwealth other than the United Kingdom do not qualify for treaty trader or treaty investor status under this treaty.

11. Yugoslavia – The U.S. view is that the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) has dissolved and that the successors that formerly made up the SFRY – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia continue to be bound by the treaty in force with the SFRY and the time of dissolution.

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