Holiday Greetings and Gift Idea

Dear Friends, Clients and Colleagues,

Every year I select one exquisite gift to recommend for the holidays. This year’s choice – the delicious cupcakes from Bo Nuage, LA’s most recent entry into the “cupcake phenomenon”. With the skill and artistry of their Parisian counterparts, Audrey and Pascal Achcar offer a one-of-a-kind desert.

Audrey and Pascal were both born and raised in Paris, France. They met there 7 years ago. Pascal was a trader in a flour company and fell in love with the baking profession. He was trained after that in the Bakery and Pastry school of Paris. On the street where they lived there was a little bakery that specialized in meringue cakes. They learned that this kind of cake originally came from the north of France. They loved the little cakes so much they couldn’t stop buying them every week.

When they decided to move in Los Angeles, they had the idea to bring these meringue cakes to their new adopted city. A similar concept has been very successful in Paris and in London, where the main pastry sold is a sandwich of meringue – a handcrafted cake that perfectly combines light crispy meringue and whipped cream, all rolled in chocolate shavings. It is a visual, an olfactory, and a tasteful experience all at the same time.

The cakes have been refined into 15 flavors and three shapes: the mini Nuage, the Petit Nuage and the big Nuage to share. They call it the Nuage cake because it’s soft and light as a cloud in your mouth.

These treats are Gluten Free, dairy free (3 flavors or on demand) and three time less caloric than a cupcake. They are also Kosher Certified.

I hope you will give them a try.

Happy and Healthy Holiday to all!


Bo Nuage
8010 Melrose Avenue,
Los Angeles 90046
(310) 880 2065

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