International Asset Protection

Great Generals always set their defenses first, placing themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and waited for the opportunity to defeat their enemy.
Sun Tzu – The Art of War, Chapter 4, ‘Tactics’

International investors are subject to annual U.S. income tax compliance filings, if they have a Green Card, or are in the U.S. for 183 days in any one tax year or for 122 days per year, over three tax years.

Consider: In the U.S., over 82,000 lawsuits are filed daily; 30 million yearly.
In California, 2 million lawsuits are filed yearly:

Onshore asset protection may shield assets from litigation. Offshore asset protection, though more costly, offers greater benefits:

1) No U.S. jurisdiction on offshore assets.

2) No enforcement of U.S. judgments.

3) Privacy/confidentiality.

In my practice I recommend the following jurisdictions:

1) Where the statue of limitations on fraudulent conveyances is two years
or less (Bahamas);

2) In Bahamas, U.S. judgments must be relitigated;

3) That do not reciprocally enforce foreign (United States) judgments (Bahamas and Isle of Man);

4) In the Isle of Man, no service of process for lawsuits on non-residents defendants and U.S. judgments must be relitigated;

5) Life Insurance Policy (Cayman Islands) creditor protected: Exempt from attachment.

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