IRS Criminal Tax Case 2016: Ex-Congressman Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock, former Illinois Republican Congressman, was indicted by the US government for filing false tax returns, wire fraud and theft of government funds for misuse of public & campaign funds to lavishly decorate his offices.

The Washington Post, in 2015, reported about lavish decorations in his Capitol Hill office (based on the PBS show “Downtown Abbey”), which lead to the investigation and indictment. He was charged with 24 separate counts including wire fraud, which is a sister felony to criminal tax evasion but has the most serious prison consequences (up to 20 years in jail).

Theft of government funds portends illegal income. All income is subject to tax reporting whether legally or illegally earned (IRC 61). If Schock illegally used government and/or campaign funds for his own personal use these funds are considered taxable income and subject to reporting.

Filing false tax returns is a 3-year felony (IRC 7206). The tax returns in question would appear to have not included declaring the conversion of public funds to private use as taxable income.

As stated by the US Department of Justice: “Schock’s position in public office did not put him above the law”

For more information please see DOJ press release, Former U.S. Representative Aaron Schock Indicted for Fraud, Theft of Government Funds, False Statements and Filing False Income Tax Returns.

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