IRS Criminal Tax Cases 2016 – T. Sissom and M. Huynh

Troy L. Sissom

Troy L. Sissom a project manager for FA Wilhelm Construction Co., whose job was to oversee construction projects stole more than $2.7m from the company by creating false invoices for project materials and sending the funds to a post office box for a company (LTEE Source) he owned and depositing them into an account for his benefit. He faces over 20 years and jail and would be required to make restitution for the funds he stole.

According to the US Attorney: “ Internal theft costs all consumers through higher prices on goods and services. Fraud, tax evasion and other white-collar crimes are offenses which ultimately take money out the consumer’s pockets.”

The IRS Criminal Investigation stated: “Tax Evasion is not a victimless crime…When people cheat on their taxes, honest taxpayers suffer the consequences and have to make up the loss, honest Americans have to “foot the bill”.

Michael Huynh

In September 2016 a federal jury in Los Angeles convicted Michael Huynh (Northridge, CA) for his role in a health care fraud scheme and for filing false income tax returns. He was convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and 11 counts of filing false income tax returns.

Huynh, the office manager and part-owner of a medical clinic, provided false prescriptions to a pharmacist and co-conspirator, Farhad N. Dany Sharim, who submitted false claims to insurance companies for drugs that were never dispensed. Once Sharim received payments from the insurance companies, he paid Huynh for the false prescriptions. Between 1/04 and 11/09 Huynh received 82 checks from Sharim totaling over $1.1m. Between 2007-2011, Huynh filed false tax returns for tax years 2007-2011 that underreported the medical clinic’s gross receipts and sales on the corporate tax returns and total income on the individual tax returns (under reported income over $1.6m).

Sharim pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and awaits sentencing.


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