IRS Criminal Tax Cases 2016 – S. Young and P. Driscoll

Steven H. Young

Florida taxpayer Steven H. Young (St.Petersburg, FL) was sentenced 11/16 to 21 months in jail for tax evasion and ordered to pay $500k in restitution to the IRS for tax evasion (2007-2011).

Young falsified expense records for his business to negate his income taxes for 2007-2011 (including taking marital tax credits when he was in fact single).

During an IRS Criminal Investigation Division inquiry, Young provided a fake lease agreement and invoices between his real estate company (Young Realty & Property Management) and a sham corporation in the Dominican Republic, tried to intercept bank records subject to a subpoena and fabricated a letter to Bank of America to re-direct his records to another address. He signed a plea agreement in 4/16. He was ordered by federal district judge to file corrected tax return for 2007-2011.

Patricia P. Driscoll

In September 2016, federal prosecutors announced an 8 count indictment against Patricia P. Driscoll charging her with fraud and tax evasion as President of the Armed Forces Foundation, a Washington-based charity for veterans. Driscoll resigned 7/12/16 after 12 years at the military charity following reports by Kickin’ the Tires (online site that covers NASCAR) and ESPN “Outside the Lines” that she misappropriated $600,000 from 2006-2014.

The Foundation claimed that 94-96% of donations went directly to military members and their families. The charity reported $2.3m in donations in 2014. Prosecutors allege that Driscoll reported sham donors and donations, failed to disclose fundraising commissions she received, spent foundation money on her personal expenses and lied to the IRS.

Driscoll was charged with two counts each of wire fraud, mail fraud and tax evasion and one count of attempts to interfere with administration of internal revenue laws. The charges span from 2010-2015.

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