IRS Criminal Tax Crimes 2016 – Nowak

A federal jury convicted Jeffrey Nowak (former owner of Las Vegas liquor store, Super Liquors on the strip) for nearly $4m in unreported income that he failed to report. Between 2006-2009, Nowak skimmed cash receipts from his liquor store, which he did not report on his tax returns. The jury found him guilty of three tax felony crimes:

1) Tax Evasion

2) Conspiring to Defraud the US

3) Assisting in filing false corporate tax returns.

He awaits sentencing.

His former partner, Ramzi Suliman, pleaded guilt to the tax felony conspiracy charge in 7/14 and awaits sentencing.

Nowak and Suliman maintained 3 sets of books: one with the true gross sales, one with the skimmed down version of those sales (omitting $4m in income) that went to their accountant, and one that compared the true and skimmed versions.

In the words of Nevada US Attorney Daniel Bogden:

“When business owners willfully skim cash and cause their true income to be underreported they are stealing from the US treasury….The IRS and our office take these cases seriously and we will continue to seek judgments, injunctions and criminal convictions that often carry substantial prison sentences, restitution and financial penalties”.

See Las Vegas Review Journal (8/19/16) “Former Las Vegas Liquor Store Owner Convicted in Tax Evasion Scheme” by Jeff German

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