New Hampshire Resident Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion Scheme

New Hampshire tax payer Gary P. Borak will serve 2 years in federal prison pay $168k in restitution to US government and have 3 years of supervised release or defrauding the US treasury out of $168k taxes due.

Taxpayer amended 2007 and filed delinquent tax returns for 2008 (but never filed 2009 thru 2016).

Taxpayer listed bogus claims on his tax return to receive refunds and pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion and two counts of making false statements on his tax returns (which are separate felonies for tax crimes; in addition the tax returns filed, if false tax returns are additional felonies).

So the taxpayer has effectively admitted to multiple separate crimes which were charged: tax evasion and making false statements on his tax returns. Additional felonies apparently not charged separately may include: filing false tax returns (3 year felony), obstruction of tax collection (3 year felony).

The IRS position is they are aggressively pursuing these types of cases. In the words of Joel Garland, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, “Our voluntary system of self-reported tax liability depends upon people to honestly report their income. Those who willfully file false tax returns and obstruct the IRS in their collection efforts damage our nation’s system of taxation.

Violators will be prosecuted, punished and obligated to repay the taxes along with applicable penalties and interest, which are substantial.”

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