PIASCIK Testimonial and Beverly Hills Affiliate Office

We recently received the following testimonial from Steven Piascik, President and Founder of PIASCIK.

PIASCIK is an International Certified Public Accounting Firm and Tax firm with clients in over 55 countries, and in all of the US states. We have over 1,000 clients with professional offices in Richmond, Virginia as well as inside the Platinum Triangle of Beverly Hills, California.

We work as high level tax compliance and tax planning co-counsel with Gary Wolfe for high net worth investors and US based businesses. Collaboratively, we have a specialized expertise in IRS audits for off-shore tax evasion and tax planning for US exports.

Our International Tax Partner, Ryan Losi, CPA is a nationally recognized expert on IC-DISC tax planning for US exports, and a co-author with Gary Wolfe (Gary is an internationally published tax author of 17 articles, 12 books as well as an expert on these civil/criminal tax issues).

Together our firms provide seamless, efficient income, estate and gift tax planning (with asset protection ) for our clients who are both US citizens and foreign investors who are either US income tax residents or who receive US based income.

We are proud to proclaim that The Wolfe Law Group has a California wide practice which includes a network of highly skilled tax and other professionals to offer clients “a one stop shop” for specialized tax and legal services including: IRS tax audits, international tax planning and asset protection. Additionally, Gary’s firm was also just recently selected as the International Tax Planning Law Firm of the Year in California (2015) by UK/London based Global Law Experts.

In Summary, Gary has had tremendous success with The Wolfe Law Group and we are happy to be affiliated with his success!

In addition, I am pleased to announce our new Beverly Hills affiliate office at 9665 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 510, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.


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