Royal Bank of Canada – PIASCIK Collaboration

The Wolfe Law Group is pleased to announce a collaboration with Royal Bank Of Canada, High-Net Worth Division, lead by Tracy Pulvers and his team of advisors (RBC has the best credit rating of any bank in North America with $100B market capitalization) and PIASCIK, an international tax firm (accounting/tax, planning/tax compliance) with clients in all 50 states and in 55 countries world-wide.

The purpose of the collaboration is to offer international investors a “one-stop” service for investment portfolios and financing below market rates. In the “yen carry trade”, international investors borrow at 0% interest in Japan, invest the proceeds and keep “the spread”. So if they borrow at 0% and make 5% on the borrowed funds the cost of capital is $0 (finance charges) with a net yield of 5%. Effectively, investors use OPM (“other people’s money”) to make their investments.

In our strategy, RBC investor clients, will be able to borrow at below market rates (based on the variable LIBOR rate) with current loans as low as 1%+ (if the loans are a line of credit collateralized by the investor’s portfolio of investments held with RBC).

Based on RBC/Tracy Pulvers long history of successful investing for clients (nearly 50 years), Piascik’s expertise in tax planning/compliance, and The Wolfe Law Group expertise in international tax planning/asset protection/ IRS audits, the client benefits may include the following:

1) Favorable financing with low interest rates;

2) Competitive investment portfolio yields;

3) Greater net after tax yields thru investment tax planning strategies (which are proprietary trade secrets held by The Wolfe Law Group)

4) Asset protection to protect investments from claims by 3rd party creditors;

5) Minimized risk of IRS tax audit (by the use of pass-thru entities which have a lower IRS audit risk i.e.. approx. 1/2 of 1% when compared to individuals who make more than $1m per year whose audit risk is approx. 11%);

6) Greater cash flow (investment yields that pass-thru the tax planning strategy companies established have lesser income tax)

7) Immediately available liquidity for investor needs including tax payments due, business overhead or expansion, and unexpected personal needs.

For a free consultation on these matters and our strategy, please send me an e-mail to, with your questions and either I or Tracy or Steven will respond and arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

Look forward to hearing from you,

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