The Panama Papers: Street Protests in Panama

On 2/19/17 thousands of Panamians protested in the streets carrying signs “No More Governments of Thieves and the Corrupt”. They were demonstrating over the most recent scandal emerging from the Panama Papers the Brazilian firm, Odebrecht who paid $788m in bribes to win construction contracts in 12 countries (including $59m in bribes in Panama). Odebrecht has agreed to pay the largest fine ever ($3.5b) to the US Dept of Justice.

Panama has requested Interpol issue “wanted alerts” for the sons of the former Panama President, Ricardo Martinelli, who was President during 2010-2014 when the $59m in bribes were paid in Panama.
In Panama, prosecutors raided the offices of Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the center of the scandal, seeking evidence of their links to Odebrecht.

In the words of one of the street protestors: “The goal of the protests is to demand that all those corrupt in all the parties and businessmen are investigated so they return the money and go to jail”.

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