The Wolfe Law Group Press Kit

The Wolfe Law Group is an international array of legal and tax experts providing collaborative services for Global High Net Worth Investors on a per client basis.

Gary S. Wolfe, A Professional Law Corporation has over 35 years of experience providing clients with expertise for IRS Civil and Criminal Tax Audits, International Tax Planning, and International Asset Protection.


Since 2015 Gary has been the recipient of 29 separate international tax awards from 10 different global expert societies in London/UK including:

International Tax Planning Law Firm of the Year Award (2017) – International Advisory Experts.

International Tax Advisor of the Year (2017) – Global Business Magazine/Prof. Sector Network.

Click here for complete list.


To date Gary has written 18 e-books (available on Amazon) regarding the IRS, International Tax Planning and Asset Protection. Click here for complete list.


To date Gary has published or been interviewed in 100+ separate articles published by 15 different US and International magazines. Click here for complete list.


In December 2016 Gary was interviewed by California CEO Magazine and on the subject of Criminal Tax Evasion and IRS Tax Audits: Civil and Criminal Issues. This 4 part series, which has been published by Lorman Education, can be viewed below:

Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 1

Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 2

Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 3

Criminal Tax Evasion – Part 4

Gary S. Wolfe, Esq.
Tel: 323-782-9139

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